A new weight loss device to help with obesity?

Why Even the Best Low Carb Diet is Not Really the Best For You

Tell me, does this describe you? Every morning when you wake up and check yourself in the mirror, the first thought that runs through your mind is a wish – a wish to have a thin and a lean body – much slimmer than what you currently have.

Diets That Really Work

Over the years there have been hundreds of fad diets that have turned out to be ineffective for one reason or another. Here are three diets that really do work though.

Candida Symptoms Relief – Eliminating Sugars

Most probably anyone who ever tried to adopt a Candida diet, already knows, that the first step in relieving yeast infection symptoms is to eliminate refined carbohydrates, i.e. sugars, and artificial sweeteners from theirs daily meals. It is also known for a long time that Candida is fed by sugars and once you restrict or even eliminate sugars from your diet, this is made in order to starve the yeast.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Effective Meal Plan in an 11-Day Period

Fat Loss 4Idiots is a web-based weight loss program providing you with dieting plans that they claim can help you lose 9Ibs. every 11 days. After a cycle of 11 days, you will have 3 “cheat” days to eat whatever you want.

The Medifast Diet and New Year’s Resolutions – Insights That May Help You to Be Successful

I recently had someone contact me and tell me that my articles had inspired them to begin Medifast in the new year as part of this year’s resolutions. They wanted my advice on how they could stick with it and be successful. (And, this person was a little annoyed because one of her friends had told her that the statistics are negative in terms of people keeping their new year’s resolutions, particularly when it comes to diets.) The data may well be negative, but there ARE people who stick to their goals and make lasting change.

Low Carb Weight Loss – Low Carb Side Effects

In recent times the low carb weight loss solution seems like the latest trend and with good reason, people are seeing amazing results on these diet’s but at the same time really putting there organs especially kidneys under unneeded stress. The principle behind low carb for weight loss is to consume a diet high in protein, good fats and plenty of fiber.

Liquid Diets – Do They Work?

Liquid diets are easy, will work if adhered to, and cost no more than regular foods. That’s the good news. The other side of the coin is that they stop working if you quit using the liquid supplements, you will still have cravings, and can be harmful if abused.

Carol Alt – Raw Food Diet to Keep the Weight Off

Carol Alt’s raw food diet has helped her positively glow in radiant health. As a model, for years she has had to maintain an impossible 125lbs body weight on her 5ft 10in frame. Eating very little left her continually run down. Then at the age of 34, she realised she had to understand her body to keep her weight down and so learned the immense benefits of raw organic eating.

Low-Fat High-Protein Diet

The real secret of the high protein diet is that proteins are the body building materials of your body that contain amino acids and they help in building up your body muscles. And foods that are rich in protein are also helpful in increasing the metabolic rate of the body.

So! You Want to Be a Vegetarian?

Becoming a veggie is really not that hard, especially nowadays when there is so much choice. Most of the time we do have to fit into what society requires from us and conform to what is supposedly the norm, the done thing. But, whatever your reason for wanting to follow the vegetarian lifestyle, remember, we do still have freedom of choice. If it’s for reasons of health or maybe animal welfare, or you just can’t see any justification for animals to die so that we can live.

Low Carbohydrate Dieting

Low carbohydrates diets may help short term to get the weight off. Long term it is much better for your body to include complex carbohydrates. These will provide better nutrition to maintain your body.

The Master Cleanse Recipe is Used For Weight Loss and Health

There is a fashionable new way to lose weight and get healthier with a secret master cleanse recipe. Maybe you’ve heard of it, and maybe you haven’t, but the rich and famous use this technique, alternative health gurus use it and now, you can use this technique to get more radiant, energy filled health for yourself. It is also called the lemonade diet and you need the recipe to make it all happen and experience the benefits.

Is a Meal Replacement Diet For You?

A meal replacement diet is diet that replaces 2 meals a day with prepackaged dietary meals. These meals are usually liquid or bars that are high protein and low in carbohydrates and calories.

Medifast Diet – How Does Medifast Food Taste?

Want to know what Medifast food tastes like? Here’s a few reviews of some of my favorite (and least favorite) Medifast foods.

A Vegetarian Diet Plan – How to Get Started

Perhaps you’re worried about the health effects of eating fatty meat. Or maybe the idea of animals dying so you can eat them really bothers you. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to start a vegetarian diet plan.

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