Choosing keto foods: what to eat and avoid

Quick Raw Food Diet Recipes

A diet craze which is now gaining momentum in Australia and is already a huge hit in the US is the Raw Food Diet. This diet involves eating un-processed raw foods, particularly fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts that are at most warmed up rather than cooked. Here are a couple of my all-time favourite quick raw food diet recipes.

Enjoying the Warrior Diet

If you are one of those people who hate eating breakfast and find it much more convenient and enjoyable to eat one large meal rather than several small meals a day then you will not find the Warrior diet interesting but very enjoyable. The diet is based on the habits of ancient warriors who in preparing for battle ate little during the day but enjoyed a huge meal at night when they were less likely to be attacked and therefore could rest and enjoy their food.

Which Diet is Right For Me?

There are so many diets and weight loss plans out there these days, how do you decide which one is best for you? The basic equation for weight loss is more calories out than calories in but there a variety of ways to get to that equation and not every method works perfectly for every person. Here we will discuss and explain the concepts behind a couple of popular diets in order to help you decide which weight loss method is best for you.

Is Weight Watchers the Best Diet?

There are many types of diets out there, most of which are doomed to fail for the average person due to inherent flaws. Very few weight loss options exist for a real person living a real life. Weight Watchers may be one of those rare options that is meant for every day living. Maybe that’s why it has been around for so long.

Make Sound Decision With a Thorough Assessment With a Medifast Diet Review

It pays to evaluate the diet that you are going to start, because if you don’t do your research, you may be dooming yourself to failure. The best way to find out about the low calorie but highly satisfying Medifast diet is with a Medifast Diet Review.

Stay Healthy and Energized With an Alkaline Ash Diet

Wondering how to get started on an alkaline ash diet? Read this article to find out!

Acid Alkaline Diet and Your Body pH Balance – Learn the Dangers of Being Dangerously Acidic

The normal body pH balance level is 7.35 and 7.45. Numbers lower would mean that the acidic level is high. While anything higher just shows the a good amount of alkaline in the body.

How to Start the Mediterranean Diet and Why it Will Change Your Life

You are allowed to eat a variety of tasty, natural foods including fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, dairy products, moderate amounts of red meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes to name only a sampling. With the Mediterranean diet, practically any foods that are not processed are OK.

What is the Nutrisystem Flex Plan? Details About the Diet’s Part Time Program

I get a lot of questions that inquire about Nutrisystem’s newer flex or part time plan. People want to know how much cheaper it is, whether it is just as good as the regular programs, and whether the vegetarian, silver, men’s and diabetic programs are included.

The Raw Food Diet Reviewed

The Raw Food Diet is hugely popular in the US and is rapidly gaining popularity through the western world. Its acceptance as one of the more healthier diets is largely based on its quite amazing results. An increase in energy, vitality and general well-being coupled with a reduction in many medically-related health conditions are all proving the Raw Food Diet to be beneficial. People following this diet are reporting that not only is it contributing to fast weight loss but it is also easing many other ailments.

Every Other Day Diet Truth – Does the EODD Diet Really Work?

This article will tell you if the Every Other Day Diet will work for you. Get the skinny (pun intended) on the EODD Diet plan here.

The Truth About Arnel Ricafranca’s Popular 6 Pack Abs in 16 Weeks Program

Losing belly fat and get a six pack abs is not easy for many people as it sounds. You have probably wondered why you can’t seem to get that lean sexy abs no matter how many programs and diets you tried in the past. The main reason is because 90% of all weight loss programs or fitness equipments on on the market are ineffective and just big marketing schemes.

All About Medifast Weight Loss Meal Plans

Medifast weight loss meal plans are created by Medifast to ensure that consumers or potential users will have a wide variety of food to choose from. These meal plans can either be in solid form or liquid form. One of the most popular Medifast products is the Medifast shake.

Cheat Your Way Thin – Does it Really Work?

Cheat Your Way Thin has received a great deal of publicity lately, and many diet and fitness gurus have backed this new, innovative, and easy way to shed pounds fast. However, what is Cheat Your Way Thin really all about, and most importantly, does it work?

Sherry Brescia’s Diet – How is Sherry’s System Defined?

For people who suffer with stomach and digestive ailments, eating becomes a cumbersome chore. You cannot travel, you cannot enjoy a party, and you cannot dine in a restaurant without worrying about the possibility of ingesting something that would give you trouble (and pain) with your stomach. Is the Sherry Brescia Diet the answer to this problem?

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