Key factors for dietary adherence- A tale of 3 studies

Faster Fat Burn: Myth or Magic?

With all the experts contradicting each other how is one to know who to believe? In this article we will demystify four claims to faster weight loss and give you four final tips for success in your fat loss program.

Is Suzanne Somers’ Diet Plan Easy To Follow?

In deciding to use Suzanne Somers’ diet plan you may wonder if it is an easy one to follow? With following any diet there will be steps and rules you need to apply in order for them to work properly. Suzanne Somers’ diet plan is no different but I think the diet is pretty simple.

Paleo Diet Meal Planner for Vibrant Energy and Weight Loss!

And so you have decided the Paleo Plan is now your new food regime. A new way of eating, living and meal planning. The Paleo diet meal planner is not as foreboding or complicated as you may initially assume in fact it is not that much different from the good wholesome meals your grandparents would have prepared.

3 Of The Best Diets For Losing Weight You Probably Never Knew Existed!

If you are reading this article chances are you are feeling the anguish that comes with diets, not for the diet itself, but in finding the right diet for you. 9 times out of 10 the most stressful part of any diet is actually choosing which one to do. There are so many different diets out there that it can be an absolute minefield!

Suzanne Somers Diet Plan – A Healthy Weight Loss Program

With the wide variety of weight loss programs it is difficult to find one to follow. But if your goal is to have healthy weight loss than Suzanne Somers’ diet plan might be your answer for a healthy weight loss program. Aside from Suzanne Somers’ popularity you may wonder what it is about her diet plan that makes it a healthy one and keeps attracting people to use it?

Fasting Diets

Fasting diets and how they work. Are they legitimate or, more so, realistic weight losing approaches?

Fat Loss Fast: Two More Keys As Exposed in The Diet Solution Program

Inside: “Secret Recipe for Fat Loss Success.” Two more ways to “burn” what needs to be burned–FAT.

What Is the Paleo Diet? And Why Are People Having Such Great Results With Caveman Style Diets?

Paleo diet is the actual diet our caveman ancestors lived by. It is probably the FIRST and BEST DIET suited to our genetic make up. The Paleo diet is a diet based on the researched and presumed diet of cavemen times and is a diet that consisted mainly of various meats, poultry, wild plants, fruits, nuts and seeds of a wide variety.

The Coconut Oil Diet: How to Burn Belly Fat With Coconut Oil

When attempting to lose weight, oil is usually the last thing that one would want to increase the consumption of. However, coconut oil is a definite exception to this weight loss rule. Extracted from none other than the coconut seed, coconut oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for an array of ailments and to promote the overall health of the body.

A Guide to Health Through the Paleo Diet

Your introduction to the Paleo Diet So you do not have enough fingers or toes on your body to account for the number of diets you have tried, failed or only temporarily had success with. The Paleo Diet is not a short term solution – not a quick fix – it is in fact a change of lifestyle; a new way of eating and living. Along with the new way of eating you will have the benefit of new vitality, good health, enthusiasm for life and an all round feeling of well being.

Merits of Having Healthy Food

In the modern era of having everything at the touch of a fingertip, a diet plan has become a trend to reduce weight. Having a healthy diet food is important to have proper and controlled diet.

The Colothin Way of Improving Your Metabolism

Have you been dreaming of a thinner, slimmer body? Perhaps you are having digestion or stomach problems such as constipation, bloated feeling, or other gastric problems?

Paleo Diet Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

3 Paleo Diet Recipes for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Also Learn how to make a 100% Paleo Mayonnaise. How to eat paleo and enjoy the food you’re eating.

Why Eating Paleo Foods Has Helped Thousands to Lose Weight

The Paleo Diet is possibly the Least restrictive diet out there to date. We explain why the diet is so successful and the basic rules of how to successfully lose weight by eating Paleo Foods.

Cravings While On Medifast: What Should You Expect? How Do You Handle And Overcome Them?

I recently heard from some one who was considering the Medifast diet but who was worried about the cravings. She said, in part: “I’ve tried other low carb diets and the cravings were so bad that I just couldn’t take it anymore and I eventually quit. I can’t live my life without carbs or sweets because I crave them both. How bad can I expect the cravings to be on Medifast? And how can I deal with them when they happen?” I will address these concerns in the following article.

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