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They Told You It Was Impossible To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle At The Same Time… They Were Wrong!

New Breakthrough In “Cyclical Dieting” And
“Nutrient Timing” Flips Your Metabolic and Hormonal Switches, Allowing You To Burn Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Dangerous Drugs…
Even If You Don’t Have Fitness Model Genetics

In the following jiffy, I’m going to provide you an important benefit over 99% of different dieters and muscle-seekers. Some would possibly even say that is an “unfair advantage” as a result of so few individuals find out about it.

The drawback is, virtually all dieters and fats loss seekers are perpetually annoyed as a result of they burn off valuable muscle after they lose fats.

Athletes and bodybuilders get equally flustered about gaining an excessive amount of fats after they achieve muscle.

You’re about to get entry to insider data that has been permitting a small group of males and ladies “in the know” to realize muscle with out including an oz of fats… to lose fats with out dropping muscle… and even to attain the “holy grail” of physique transformation targets…

Gaining muscle and dropping fats on the identical time!

Tom Venuto, Best-Selling Author And Body Transformation Expert

” I used The Holy Grail (THG) system this summer to trim fat while holding onto muscle. I managed to go from “lean” to “ripped”. Using the strategies detailed in THG I cut from 10% to less than 5% body fat! Now I am using THG to add even more muscle without getting fat. This program works.”

-Brian Nordberg

“In the last 98 days I have: burned 12% body fat, shed 25 pounds of fat shrunk my waist by 19 cm and gained 5 pounds of muscle. The Holy Grail WORKS!

“Thanks, Tom! Your Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) information has result in dramatic enhancements for me within the final 5 years and the “Holy Grail” you’re launching now appears to be nothing in need of revolutionary!”

How Some “Weird” Contest Results Sparked a New Fitness Revolution…

Almost everyone has heard about The Biggest Loser – the weight loss contest on TV where obese people drop ridiculous amounts of body weight – insane amounts like 15 or 20 lbs in a week, and up to 150 or 200 lbs by the time the show is over.

Weight loss contests, especially the Biggest Loser, have become extremely popular and many people say they get incredibly inspired and motivated watching these huge weight losses take place right before their eyes.

I agree whole-heartedly that fitness contests can be a powerful motivational catalyst. But I also believe that there are some fatal flaws in contests that encourage rapid “weight reduction.” That’s why I finally decided to host my own body transformation contest – the “Burn The Fat Body Transformation Challenge”…

And Our Contest Was NOTHING Like The Biggest Loser

Our fitness contest was different because it was a body composition transformation contest – not just a “weight reduction” contest.

If you’re not hip to what “physique composition” means, then the results of our first contest are going to blow your mind: Josh Ketter, the overall men’s winner, and Ryan Cochrane, one of the top finalists, only lost one pound.

You might be thinking, “what sort of bizarre physique transformation contest had been you working the place the winner and the finalists solely drop a pound?”

Well, it might sound bizarre when you thought success at physique transformation ONLY meant dropping massive quantities of weight on the size, however…

Josh Ketter misplaced just one pound of body weight in 50 Days however utterly reworked his physique..

What About The Difference
Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

What when you achieve muscle whereas shedding weight? Think about this – when you achieve muscle in a weight reduction contest, you get penalized, proper? But should not you be REWARDED for gaining muscle in addition to burning fats? Wouldn’t that be the final word prize?

That’s the deadly flaw of “weight loss” contests: Most persons are obsessive about scale weight however do not pay any consideration to their physique composition – the all-important fat-to-muscle ratio.

Of course, a number of the contestants in our Body Transformation Challenge contest DID drop quite a lot of weight – 14, 19, even 26 lbs in solely 7 weeks. But the one who dropped essentially the most kilos was NOT essentially voted the winner.

Some contestants turned winners as a result of they made astonishing enhancements of their muscle to fats ratio, regardless that they did not lose a lot weight.

This was a tremendous revelation to a whole lot of people that entered our competitors, and here is why:

For years, most individuals – even the specialists – believed that it was unimaginable to lose fats and achieve muscle concurrently, so the chance was ignored and “pursuit of the grail” wasn’t even on their radar.

James Bond Eat Your Heart Out… Emerging from the nice and cozy Caribbean waters, Josh exhibits off his new muscle and 6-pack abs in Jamaica after successful the Burn The Fat Challenge

They Were All Wrong! Not Only Is It Possible To
Gain Muscle And Lose Fat Simultaneously, You’re About To Learn Exactly How It Is Done!

Josh solely misplaced a pound as a result of the stable new muscle weight changed the fats weight. As you possibly can see from his seashore image, that left him with a lean, muscular and head-turning physique…

But Josh is not the one individual to attain a powerful physique composition transformation.

In the earlier than and after images to the fitting – snapped simply 7 weeks aside – check out how Ryan stripped off 8 kilos of fats and changed virtually all of it with stable muscle.

The improve in muscle measurement and fullness is hanging… however the scale hardly modified in any respect!

If Ryan had solely been enthusiastic about “weight loss” somewhat than physique composition transformation, he by no means would have loved these eye-popping outcomes.

Best half: this “body composition transformation” system works wonders for ladies too!

Ryan Cochrane misplaced 8 kilos of fats whereas gaining 7.7 lbs
of muscle in 50 days. His weight hardly modified.

How Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat HelpsWomen Get Fit, Sexy and Bikini-Ready…

Not solely does this physique transformation system work for ladies too, changing fats with muscle is EXACTLY what most ladies want, however don’t get, as a result of most ladies are apprehensive about getting “bulky.”

Women who do not practice for extra muscle are making a BIG mistake! If you strip off fats AT THE SAME TIME as you placed on lean muscle, you aren’t getting cumbersome – you get sturdy and horny!

Let me show it with some earlier than and after images of our feminine Body Transsformation Challenge finalists who stripped off fats, and by including just a little little bit of muscle in simply the fitting locations, sculpted fantastically toned, horny our bodies.

Take a take a look at Danielle’s transformation…

She minimize virtually 10 kilos of fats whereas gaining a pound of muscle. And keep in mind, this was achieved in simply 50 days.

Even extra spectacular, Danielle was working as much as 12 hours a day with a protracted commute and shift work. With that form of stress, most individuals have loads of excuses to blow off understanding and maintaining a healthy diet.

When my Body Transformation Challenge contest was issued, she jumped on the alternative to remodel herself and in simply 7 weeks, made a exceptional shift from fats to muscle.

Danielle minimize 9.6 lbs of fats whereas gaining a pound of muscle!

The Myth About Women And Gaining Muscle

Danielle’s outcomes present that girls can rapidly add lean muscle whereas dropping fats, and that including muscle in the fitting locations makes ladies look leaner, sexier and extra female! The concept that girls who achieve muscle will look cumbersome or masculine is totally false (besides for ladies who take anabolic steroid medicine, and I’d NEVER advocate that!)

Of course, Danielle solely gained a pound of muscle, so that you is perhaps questioning, “what if she gained as a lot muscle as Josh or Ryan? Wouldn’t that make a girl look manly?

Glad you requested. Look at Sarah’s earlier than and after images beneath. This lays to relaxation that notion that weight coaching and constructing lean muscle makes ladies cumbersome. Her physique transformation pics additionally reveal why the size can play tips on you…

This Is What Adding Lean Muscle Can Do
For The Female Figure!

Sarah’s earlier than and after footage communicate for themselves.

Take be aware particularly of the muscle Sarah added to her shoulders and arms. Take a detailed take a look at the numbers too:

She really GAINED a pound of body weight in keeping with the size, growing from 119 to 120 kilos, BUT her physique fats decreased from 19% to a ripped 12.6%.

That’s a 7.9 pound GAIN in lean physique mass and a 7 pound lack of physique fats!

Bulky? Manly? I do not assume so!

Sarah gained 7.9 kilos of muscle and misplaced 7 kilos of fats in 50 days. These outcomes are undoubtedly not typical, however they do present what is feasible

3 Things You Must Know To Make
Body Transformations Like These

My fats burning applications have helped dozens of males and ladies lose over 100 kilos, and as much as as a lot as 256 kilos. Why then, did I present you the success tales above as a substitute of 100+ pound huge weight reduction tales?

There are 3 main causes:

1. I needed you to see real-world proof that it IS attainable to realize muscle and lose fats on the identical time…
2. I needed you to understand the distinction between weight reduction and fats loss…
3. I needed you to lastly quit the notion that weight reduction is the one purpose that issues

You might have quite a lot of weight to lose (physique fats), however weight reduction shouldn’t be all there’s to a physique transformation.

Many persons are not severely chubby, however they’re severely sad as a result of their physique is tender and flabby with out tone and firmness. Fat loss with muscle achieve is strictly what these individuals want.

You’ve most likely been instructed for years that it is unimaginable to lose fats and achieve muscle on the identical time, however that is a load of bull! If you could not obtain this elusive purpose up to now, it is just because you did not have the fitting dietary methods.

The better part is, when you perceive methods to use these methods for simultaneous fats loss and muscle achieve, you may also use them in case your purpose is strictly fats loss. How? By utilizing even one or two of those methods, you can maintain onto each ounce of your valuable muscle tissue if you’re weight-reduction plan.

And in case your purpose is muscle achieve, however you need to keep away from gaining “bulk” (including fats with the muscle), this new method works brilliantly for gaining pure stable lean muscle, with out fats achieve.

In abstract, if you use my new transformation system, it is going to assist you to:

Maybe you are pondering, “wait a minute, I thought it was impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? Don’t you need a calorie deficit to burn fat and a calorie surplus to build muscle?”

Well, sure – energy do matter – but it surely’s way more difficult than simply energy due to elements comparable to within-day power stability, hormonal response and “energy partitioning.”

I’ve been finding out these advanced interactions of diet and coaching with metabolism and hormones for nearly 21 years, however I used to be identical to you – I used to be equally skeptical that vital concurrent muscle beneficial properties and fats losses may very well be achieved by anybody aside from genetic superiors or performance-enhancing drug customers.

It was these extraordinary contest outcomes achieved by abnormal individuals – naturally – that prompted me to seek for the frequent denominators in physique composition transformations. I additionally dug into the scientific literature to create a brand new program in order that you might duplicate these outcomes your self. The program was named…


This is a brand new sort of physique transformation system that has simply been revealed for the primary time in digital format (e-book and MP3 audio), so you possibly can obtain this system immediately, learn or hearken to it in a day and get began the identical day.

But earlier than you obtain this system and even learn the remainder of this letter, I’ve to warn you. This not a simple purpose to attain and I’ve no miracles to give you inside this new ebook. This is a severe and very strategic program for dedicated people who find themselves analytical thinkers and onerous employees.

Concurrent muscle achieve and fats loss is essentially the most troublesome purpose to attain. That’s why individuals name it the “Holy Grail”; as a result of it is so elusive. But…


My earlier finest promoting e-book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) has turn into recognized to many as a “fat loss bible.” But BFFM was designed particularly for fats loss. What if you wish to lose fats AND achieve muscle?

That’s precisely why I created this new program.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation System is the primary course of its variety that builds on the foundational fat-burning ideas, provides muscle-building methods and then places all of it collectively in a extremely strategic system for gaining muscle and burning fats concurrently, whereas explaining the method scientifically…

With that, let me provide you with a more in-depth take a look at what you will be taught contained in the Holy Grail program…

The Holy Grail Body Transformation System Unveiled:

The Holy Grail system is delivered in an instantly-downloadable PDF e-book AND a downloadable MP3 audio version.

The CORE of this program is a diet plan that most individuals have by no means seen earlier than, primarily based on cyclical weight-reduction plan and nutrient timing.

But the Holy Grail program does not cease with nutrient timing recommendation you might have heard earlier than. This goes far past submit exercise diet, into the brand new realm of dietary periodization.

New discoveries within the rising sciences of within-day-energy stability, nutrient timing and pure hormonal manipulation have pointed the way in which to a confirmed methodology for reaching simultaneous muscle achieve with fats loss…

Mark my phrases, that is going to turn into the following huge factor – an entire new science of diet to attain a purpose that numerous specialists and trainees had written off as unimaginable.

Here’s a Sample of This New Body Transformation Science That You’ll Discover Inside the Holy Grail Body Transformation System e-book:

Why most individuals – even health professionals and dieticians – are lifeless unsuitable in regards to the biology behind dropping fats and gaining muscle on the identical time … and why you MUST perceive the true “temporal mechanism” otherwise you’ll by no means have a prayer at intentionally reaching this elusive purpose

Why you MUST perceive “energy partitioning” – the fat-burning, muscle-building course of BEYOND CALORIES-IN vs CALORIES OUT!… this is the important thing to forcing your physique to drive power and protein INTO MUSCLE CELLS and pull energy OUT OF FAT CELLS!

The energy of hormones to dramatically shift fats to muscle… uncover what steps it’s essential to take to attain hormonal management for optimum muscle development and fats loss… that is MUST-HAVE data as a result of in case your hormones are out of whack, the sport is over

The 4 “X Factors” of concurrent muscle achieve and fats loss – these are the particular circumstances that enable above common muscle beneficial properties whereas dropping fats on the identical time… and there’s excellent news and unhealthy information in regards to the X Factors that you’ll want to know earlier than you get began

The 5 “X2 Factors” that affect your capacity to realize muscle and lose fats on the identical time… They all rely in your present physique composition (lean or fats) and weight-reduction plan standing (dieted down or not dieted down)… Depending on which class you are in, it will possibly completely change your method

Why you virtually by no means achieve muscle in a steady calorie deficit… and the one exception that allowed a gaggle of chubby ladies to lose fats and achieve muscle whereas consuming 800 energy a day (I do not advocate this, however the classes from this case examine are worthwhile)

How to decide on the fitting physique transformation purpose: do you have to concentrate on burning fats, gaining muscle or doing each on the identical time? If you pursue the unsuitable purpose, you will be losing time and you would possibly even get fatter

How to steal the confirmed system of coaching periodization from world class athletes and apply it to your muscle-building and fat-burning targets… Plus, how dietary periodization is perhaps the one greatest breakthrough for constructing muscle and burning fats on the identical time – This is a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH!

5 post-workout diet methods to enhance muscle development and optimize restoration out of your exercises… Forget fancy submit exercise diet calculations or costly dietary supplements – the following pointers are really easy to use, you will kick your self for ever pondering this was difficult

Carb tapering and carb focusing on methods defined in easy phrases… These are the newest updates to the time-tested methods utilized by a number of the finest bodybuilders, health fashions and determine opponents on the earth

Cycle weight-reduction plan methods beneath the microscope… discover out which strategies work and which of them will really make you fatter

The 5-point weight coaching optimization guidelines: Compare your exercise to those MUST-HAVE circumstances for gaining muscle whereas stripping fats… see what’s lacking, plug the holes, and watch your outcomes explode!

4 the explanation why cardio will help you achieve extra muscle, when you do it proper… and why you’ll get weaker and smaller when you do it unsuitable

The 8-point cardio energy plan: comply with these 8 pointers and you possibly can’t go unsuitable along with your cardio program

8 carb-cycling menu plans … all DONE FOR YOU, laid out meal by meal, calculated for precision and outcomes (appendix 1)

4 calorie calculators … use the moment fast methodology or crunch the numbers for larger precision – it is your selection… all of the formulation are supplied for you (appendix 2)

Your Quest For Bodily Perfection Just Got Easier…
The Straight and Fast Path Shortcut To a Leaner AND More Muscular Body Is Now Just a Click Away!

Losing fats is a irritating problem for thousands and thousands of chubby individuals. Building muscle is downright HARD to do as properly, and 1000’s of bodybuilders and athletes battle for years to make beneficial properties. Doing BOTH on the identical time is close to unimaginable except EXACTLY what you are doing.

The HOLY GRAIL is the kind of strategic program that you simply NEVER uncover casually by yourself. It’s the results of meticulous scientific investigation mixed with years of experimentation, testing and tweaking. If you get fortunate and “accidentally” achieve muscle whereas dropping fats, you will don’t have any clue how you probably did it, which suggests you will not be capable of do it once more and you will not be capable of clarify how you probably did it to others.

If you need the shortest, quickest, straightest path to muscle constructing and fats burning success, you want a information…a plan, a roadmap… and the Holy Grail e-book is it.

If you are severe about physique transformation, then grabbing a replica of The Holy Grail Body Transformation system is a no brainer resolution. And to sweeten the deal, I’ve constructed two incredible bonuses proper into the Holy Grail program:

HOT! Special Bonuses
Inside The Holy Grail…

When you order the Holy Grail program at this time, you’re going to get the Holy Grail system AND these worthwhile bonuses as properly:

Bonus #1: T.N.B. (The New Bodybuilding) Workout

Tom Venuto’s NEW WORKOUT SYSTEM – “TNB” Training – As Seen in Men’s Fitness Magazine is the right technique to practice whereas following the Holy Grail diet plan and it really works like a allure for ladies too (FREE! Inside the bonus part of the e-book)

You might have little interest in bodybuilding, nonetheless, you most likely would not thoughts including just a little extra muscle and sculpting a physique that is each sturdy and purposeful in addition to aesthetically pleasing, like a number of the prime physique athletes and health champs.

Bodybuilding coaching shouldn’t be for everybody, but it surely does takes a really specialised program to develop a symmetrical, beautifully-proportioned physique and everybody can take some hints from physique athletes. On the opposite hand, coaching like a professional bodybuilder is a prescription for failure for the common individual.

Finally, there is a new method to constructing a classical physique that borrows just a few old-fashioned muscle methods and combines it with a brand new method for normal guys and gals. It’s known as, “The New Bodybuilding” (TNB coaching) and it is yours FREE with the Holy Grail program

Bonus #2: Burn The Fat 2.0 Super Food Data Base

Far extra than simply an abnormal meals information base, the Burn The Fat 2.0 Food Guide is a spectacular meal planning and diet schooling software.

Compiled painstakingly by hand, greater than 300 meals had been fastidiously chosen and positioned into particular meals classes which show you how to make distinctions between good carbs and unhealthy carbs, higher meals and finest meals. You’ll have immediate entry to meals portion sizes and volumes in each metric and imperial models in addition to nutrient information for energy, protein, carbohydrate, fats and fiber.

The Burn The Fat 2.0 meals information is essentially the most complete “clean food” information base we’ve ever compiled. Use it to make the perfect meals selections attainable each day. You’ll get more healthy, leaner and you will by no means be bored along with your meal plans once more.

SO What’s the Bottom Line?
How Much Does The Holy Grail
Body Transformation Program Cost?

This program has been a best-kept secret for practically a yr now, obtainable solely to my Inner Circle members and a small group of people that have been testing out the unique 1st version for the previous a number of months. This is the primary time the brand new Holy Grail 2.0 version has been launched to the general public…

Finally, the Holy Grail program is now obtainable to you!

Because it is so new, we’re conserving the value down initially to get as many individuals onboard as attainable, so we are able to gather much more case examine outcomes, success tales and testimonials. Once we’ve all of the suggestions we’d like, I can not assure how for much longer the value shall be this low.

This is your probability to be a first-mover, to start out utilizing these methods earlier than anybody else does and be part of our first group of mega-success tales.

Just to Recap, Here’s Everything You Get:

You get the entire Holy Grail physique transformation system (v2.0):


The 8-part 3 1/2 hour Holy Grail audio version (audiobook, learn by the creator)

The T.N.B. Workout Program (Inside the bonus part of the holy grail e-book)

The Holy Grail Carb Cycling Meal Plans

The Burn the Fat 2.0 Food Data base.

Once you place your order on our safe server, you may be immediately directed to the obtain web page, the place you possibly can obtain your fats burning and muscle constructing handbook and get began simply minutes from now.

The e-book is in PDF format, which may be seen on any pc (PC or MAC). You can learn it proper in your pc display screen, otherwise you may even print out your individual hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

In the previous, you might have had doubts like I did. You might have seen “experts” sneer and insist that reaching this purpose is unimaginable. You may need heard this topic debated advert nauseam on dialogue boards. These conflicting opinions might have left you confused and unsure what to consider both.

I admit it. Even I used to be skeptical about this at first. I virtually did not consider it once I noticed the outcomes of our physique transformation contestants. I believed perhaps they made a mistake in physique fats testing… however once I began seeing extra and extra males and ladies begin doing it for themselves, the irrefutable proof made me a believer.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program units the file straight. It’s actually the gospel on gaining muscle and burning fats on the identical time; it is impressively referenced with peer-reviewed analysis displaying precisely the way it works, and frankly, if you see how I clarify it, you will be nodding your head in settlement that it simply plain is smart.

When you see BOTH real-world case research AND you see the scientific proof, it makes you need to open your thoughts and give it a strive.

Your satisfaction is 100% assured. You shall be thrilled with the knowledge within the Holy Grail e-book and audio program, and you may be completely glad with the outcomes you get or this system is FREE!


Your satisfaction is 100% assured. Scrutinize the e-book intently. Examine it. Test it for as much as 8 weeks. Use this system to the max.

You shall be thrilled along with your outcomes, or I need you to easily write and inform me, and I’ll ship you a immediate and courteous, no hassles, no questions requested, 100% refund.

On the opposite hand, if…

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program helps you get leaner AND achieve muscle on the identical time , or helps you keep leaner than ever earlier than whilst you achieve muscle or keep each ounce of muscle the following time you weight loss program for fats loss, then I need you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to inform me in regards to the outcomes you achieved – and inform all your mates about it too.

The program is assured and you WILL see a profound distinction in your physique in as little as 7-8 weeks when you comply with the directions. But keep in mind, this program shouldn’t be for everybody.

This is a really strategic system, not a program you method casually or comply with half-way. If you are not severe about your physique transformation targets, this isn’t this system for you…

If, then again, you’re severe, and when you comply with this plan to the letter, the outcomes are going to blow you away! You’ll obtain the kind of fat-to-muscle transformation that many individuals assume is unimaginable… and as Walt Disney as soon as mentioned, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Tom Venuto
Author Of The Holy Grail Body Transformation System

PS. Does the Holy Grail system REALLY work? Take a take a look at some extra of the success tales scrolling down the web page beneath. You’ll see proof that the reply is a definitive YES! It works for males. It works for ladies. It works for younger individuals. It works for older individuals. Yes, when you comply with the plan, it is going to give you the results you want too…

“I misplaced 15 kilos however the perfect a part of all was that I added seen muscle to my body within the course of. Unbelievable? Yes, but it surely’s true!

-Erica Perna

“I felt like I already understood nutrition, but the Holy Grail has completely revamped my thinking!” (misplaced 28.2 lbs, gained 9 lbs lean physique mass)

-Ryan Wilson

“The essence of the program is that there is effectively a third way ahead: Build muscle AND stay lean. One does not need to choose on or the other! Based on your previous excellent advice, in 6 months time, I managed to reduce my body fat from 15% to less than 5%, trimming my weight from 80 kg to 76 kg. Your BFFM program works, full stop. Having achieved my ideal body composition, I was struggling a bit to identify my next goal. Just the title of your new book – “Holy Grail” – did that for me! Now I look forward to my new journey, towards increasing lean muscle mass, maintaining an excellent body composition at the same time. Thank you Tom for your no-nonsense, fact based, “blood, sweat and tears” angle on exercises and nutrition

“Why screw-around making an attempt to re-invent the wheel? Tom is a friggin’ genius. Follow what he says….word-for-word….step-by-step…DO NOT CHANGE A THING….and you’ll obtain what you got down to do. Why not comply with a specialist who has achieved the legwork for you? Bottom line. End of story.

-Paul D’Ambrosio

NOTE: The Holy Grail Body Transformation program is a downloadable e-book. No bodily merchandise shall be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to obtain the e-book and all of the bonus reviews onto your pc. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which may be seen on Mac or PC.

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Holy Grail Body Transformation, Lose Fat and Gain Muscle, Body Recomposition, Bulking Up is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If inside the first 60 days of receipt you aren’t glad with Wake Up Lean™, you possibly can request a refund by sending an e mail to the handle given contained in the product and we’ll instantly refund your total buy worth, with no questions requested.

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