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Atkins Diet Controversy – Self Destructive Or a Miracle Diet?

In 1972, Dr Robert Atkins created a worldwide controversy when he released ‘The Atkins Diet’. An extremely low carbohydrate diet that was strangely high in fat and protein. The diet caused near miraculous weight loss results. But it also caused a controversy that rages to this day! What is the truth behind the Atkins Diet Controversy?

High Protein Diet – Lose the Weight, Not the Muscle

For those looking for that toned body but do not want to lose the muscle, a high protein diet is just what you need. Protein is the building blocks of the human body. Whether you are looking to simply lose weight, build muscle or both, a diet high in protein will help.

Diet Programs – How to Choose the Right One For You

If you are overweight, you might have been told from your doctor that it is time to go on that diet to avoid health conditions or perhaps you want to lose some extra weight to look and feel good about yourself. Whatever the reason for wanting to lose weight, there are diet programs out there to help with this.

The Nutritional Aspects of the Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet is based upon the diet that our ancestors used to have. This article investigates it’s nutritional properties.

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet – Pros and Cons

The acid alkaline balance diet is often termed the acid alkaline diet, and sometimes it is simply described as the alkaline diet. Nevertheless, although there are a number of different names for this popular approach to eating, the acid alkaline balance diet may be the most suitable one.

Power Protein Diet For Weight Loss – Step by Step Diet For Individual Weight Resolution

The power protein or protein power diet has been a very popular diet for people wanting to know specific guidelines for protein and carbohydrate consumption. A high protein diet will always benefit people looking to loose weight as it is vital for our recovery and building of muscle to help burn even more fat.

How I Lost 50 Pounds and Got Even Healthier Hopping Around Various Diets

I wanted to lose weight and gain sex appeal because I wanted to have more children. I had become obese on a standard urban diet which included a lot of rice and wheat based products as the base of the standard food pyramid. I wanted to lose weight but I did not know how. I hopped around various diets until I found what worked best for me.

The Every Other Day Diet – An Honest Review

Thinking Of Trying The Every Other Day Diet? Need An Honest And Unbiased Review? Well Here I Am Going To Relate To You My Own Personal Experiences Of This Product So You Can Make An Educated Decision!

Diets of 2010 – The 2010 Best Diets Guide

If you are looking for diets of 2010, it is important not to jump on the bandwagon of the latest fad diet. You need to be careful about what exactly is going to be required from you…money? time? special products and food? meetings?

My Review of Fat Loss For Idiots

Fat Loss For Idiots is a weight-loss program/e-book which has been spreading across the Internet like wildfire. If nothing else has been working for you when it comes to losing weight, you might consider my review of Fat Loss For Idiots including what you need to know about it, and whether or not this program is for you.

Does the Acai Berry Diet Really Work?

Acai Berry Blast is also known as the new miracle superfood. The question on everyone’s mind is…Is this the One? Does this really work?

Anti Candida Diet Plan – Tips About Foods That Can Be Eaten

I have just received a question from a friend of mine, Pam. She asked about books I recommend for research about candida and also about anti candida diet plan.

The Gluten Free Bread Diet

Many people are suffering from obesity or being over weight all over the world and especially in United states where thousands of people are obese because of bad eating habits and of course an unhealthy lifestyle. While some people who call themselves diet experts but actually know only a thing or two about diet and healthy lifestyle (Yes, there’s a lot of people like this) says that eating bread especially gluten free bread can only make you fat. Is what they are saying true?

Home Delivered Meals – A Weight Loss Meal Plan to Conquer Temptation

Because two of the chief obstacles to achieving weight loss are overcoming the temptation to consume excessive calories and maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet, a weight-loss meal plan which consists of home delivered meals might make your weight loss program more successful and enjoyable. You know by now that avoiding temptation is more easily accomplished that resisting it.

EODD Diet = The Every Other Day Diet – The Hottest Diet of 2010

This article tells you what the EODD Diet or Every Other Day Diet is all about. Learn why this diet is becoming so popular in 2010.

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