Low carb diets improve LDL cholesterol

Diets That Work – Why Trend Diets Will Keep You Fat

You hear almost every day about some new fad diet that will help you lose 60 pounds in 7 days. But they never work! And even if they did, your body is not designed to lose that much weight that quickly. This kind of roller coaster is both unhealthy and unsustainable for your body’s health and organs.

Diets That Work – How the Weight Watchers Point System Works

A common question that often comes up is, “How does the Weight Watchers points system really work?” If you’re not already a member of the program, it can seem a little confusing. So let’s see if can make this a little easier to understand.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – What is Rob Poulos’ Push Button Fat Loss?

Have you found Rob Poulos push button fat loss system on the internet and wonder what it can do for you? Read this article and learn what this 15 minute push-button solution really is and if it will work for you.

What Are the Best Diets For Women?

There certainly are a lot of different diets that are available out there, and you have probably tried a number of them yourself. Most women tend to diet on a regular basis, and they may see some results from their efforts but far too often, those results are short-lived. If you want to be able to take the weight off and keep it off permanently, you need to overlook some of the fad diets that are currently available and look to something that will be more of a life changing event.

How to Begin the Miracle Diet

Look at yourself in a full length mirror. Face forward. Then turn and look at your full length profile. With the additional help of a hand mirror, get a full length rear view.

How the EODD Is Different Than Other Diets

The Every Other Day Diet, or EODD, is quite different from other more traditional diets in that it uses a type of food combining called “calorie cycling”. What this means, in short, is that you only eat those type of calories that digest well with each other. As well, as its name implies, you only need to hold to it every other day. You can eat all of your favorite foods on the off days.

Jenny Craig – Important Facts on the Jenny Craig Diet Which Would Help You Lose Weight Fast!

The Jenny Craig diet is a mind-action-body weight loss program that helps dieters to lose weight fast. But before one begins to spend hundreds of hard-earned dollars on the Jenny Craig program (mind you, it’s not very cheap), it makes sense to get acquainted with certain facts about the Jenny Craig diet first.

Diet Paleolithic – The Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet is great healthy diet that is so simple to try and can help you sculpt your body into a healthy much trimmer version. You wont be hunting woolly mammoth but picking wild vegetable and berries is a possibility.

Introducing the Weight Watchers Program For Those Who Wanna Lose Weight

Among the many weight loss programs that have been introduced globally, one of the most successful programs available today is the Weight Watcher Program. For those who are not familiar with this program, it is basically a plan that matches the amount of calories consumed by a person with the amount calories used by your body through its daily activities and exercise. There is no rocket science involved, just a basic concept that makes you burn more calories than what you consume daily.

Mayo Clinic Diet For Heart Patients

The Mayo Clinic diet for heart patients is not what it seems. Discover the unbelievable truth.

Tips on How to Succeed at Any Diet

Every part of dieting can be stressful. Even choosing which diet to follow can be mind boggling considering the sheer amount of diets that one can pick from. If you follow some of these simple tips, your chances of success will greatly increase.

The Green Tea Diet As an Effective Weight Loss Method

The green tea diet is a health trend that has become popular over recent years because of how unique and easy it is. Getting healthier has never been so easy.

Acai Berry For Men – Is Your Acai Berry Product Not Working For You?

This article is for the men out there — is your Acai berry product not working for you? Chances are you’re trying one of the many legit, but designed-for-women, Acai products. That’s right — most of the Acai products you find on the Internet and on store shelves today were actually designed with women in mind. Where does that leave us men?

Cabbage Soup Diet

The average cabbage soup diet is said to help a person lose up to 10 pounds in one week. Does this work? It may work for some and not for others, depending on metabolism and required nourishment for medical conditions.

Fad Diets Just Do Not Work and Here is Why!

Fad diets! What are they? Do they actually work?

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