No blood sugar improvements on low carb?

Low Fat Healthy Diet

It could be argued that the healthiest diet is the Mediterranean diet with its low saturated fat intake and lots of vegetables and fruit. Maybe you do not live in that type of area but your diet can be tailored to ensure you eat plenty of vegetables.

Cheat Your Way Thin – Why Do You Need This Diet?

We were nice and slim in school, what happened to us? We need to diet, but do not want to give up the foods we like. This diet has the solution to all of those problems.

All You Will Want to Know About the South Beach Diet

Read essential details you need to know about the South Beach Diet. It claims you can lose up to 13lbs in 2 weeks. Know how?

Bistro MD, Free Shipping – Huge Delivery Discount

Perhaps you are already worn-out doing crunches, sit ups, cardio exercises all day long just to lose weight and slash off that flab. But did you know that exercise is not really enough to lose those extra pounds. The buildup of excess fat is actually caused by the food we eat, particularly the kind of food we take in and its amount.

Cutting Out Carbs Diet – The Fact About It

This article explains the fact about cutting out carbs (carbohydrates) diet and the fact about it. In my other articles I have explained about how eating a high amount of carbohydrates will actually give you more power to fight against the yeast bacteria.

Word of Warning on a Low Carb Diet – A Personal Experience

Have you ever heard that when you have candida, you have to cut out carbohydrates? This article will explain and show the opinion sent to me from a friend based on her personal experience.

A High Protein Diet – How Effective is it Really?

If you’re looking for diets that work, a high protein diet is often included in lists of best diets, diet meals, or a weight loss system. But is it really as good as some people make it out to be?

What Did Cavemen Eat?

The Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) is quite popular today, but what does it involve? What did cavemen actually eat?

What Can I Expect After 3 Months on Nutrisystem?

I recently received an email from someone who had a class reunion coming up this summer. She wanted to know how much weight she could expect to lose after being on the nutrisystem diet for around three months. The answer to this question depends somewhat on how she was going to go about her day to day choices while on nutrisystem. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Learn About the Mediterranean Diet and the Easy to Follow Recipes With Tasty Ingredients

The food and recipes used in the Mediterranean diet are vastly different than the diets of western countries, especially in North America where obesity is fast becoming epidemic. The diet utilizes honey, not sugar, as its sweetener of choice.

How Do You Start Your Search For the Best Bodybuilding Diet?

The moment you have the best bodybuilding diet by your side you will certainly be able to gain the right amounts of results out of it. The exact measurements will allow you to have the right foods and of course in the right amounts.

What is the Difference Between Medifast Bars and Atkins Bars?

People often send me emails asking me to compare Atkins and Medifast protein bars. Folks sometimes ask my opinion as to how both of these bars are different. I’m also often asked which bars are better in terms of taste, nutrition, and effectiveness. I will further discuss these things in the following article.

Is a Raw Food Diet a New Trend?

Recently we have started hearing a lot about the raw food diet. With a large portion of our population belonging to the “baby boomer” era, eating a diet built for longevity is appealing.

The Easiest Diet is – Eat Stop Eat

To me, the easiest diet for fat loss is Eat Stop Eat. Created by certified nutritionist, Brad Pilon, it centers on intermittent fasting, moderate weight training to build lean muscle tissue and naturally increase your metabolism, and increasing daily physical activity. Eat Stop Eat is NOT a fad diet or quick weight loss scam. It advocates making positive nutritional and activity changes that you can maintain for life.

Restrictive Candida Diet For Your Son – An Experience and Share

There is a problem coming to me from a mother whom her son has to do the very restrictive candida diet. She was instructed by the doctor to keep the son off of refined sugars, honey and syrups. However, she was confused since cellulite was another issue for her son. She found out that it probably has something to do the fruits. Nothing was said about fruit, which she is allowing him.

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