Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

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Spiritual Journey will not be a journey in area.

will not be a bodily journey from one place to a different
[like from earth to heaven].

will not be a journey in time, which signifies that you
would not have to attend till after demise to discover it.

will not be an object that’s to be attained – it’s
not an concept or some refined type that it’s a must to

non secular journey is the journey from ignorance to self-knowledge.

is obtainable proper right here, proper now and it’s
what you already are but you don’t notice it.

Hello, My title is
James Traverse

I’ve been actively concerned with yoga
examine, instructing and follow for over 40 years. I’ve been blessed
with connecting to many lecturers who’ve helped me alongside the manner, but
the one one that I name my instructor was a musicologist, medical
physician and sage named Jean Klein. Jean Klein helped me perceive the
true nondual nature of being through expertise. He did this along with his
Presence and considerably along with his phrases. I had studied yoga with B Okay S
Iyengar for a few years and I had explored the teachings of people like
J. Krishnamurti, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Ramana Maharshi,
Nisargadatta Maharaj and plenty of others however solely Jean Klein’s method
really helped me perceive all of these teachings.

Together all 4 elements correspond to the Om Symbol

– the Layers of Meaning of Om is defined all through this materials.

The Buddha clearly understood the want for
Insight and Personal expertise that’s past the limitations of the
considering thoughts.

Thus the Buddha taught Vipassana
Meditation, or Insight Meditation as a result of it’s primarily based on

Magical, Paradigm-Shifting and Terrifying, the non secular
awakening journey is at the core of each human’s quest for freedom,
love, and happiness.

unveiling your Authentic Being, you’ll uncover learn how to expertise
the pleasure, liberation, and peace that you’ve got been looking for all

ProperClick the photos for a bigger view.

The materials makes use of the metaphor of a whirlpool
to symbolize the Flow of life and the Form referred to as your bodymind.

As you discover this
metaphor you will note that all through the materials there are over 30 workout routines and experiments that assist
you to make the understanding experiential moderately than simply

The workout routines information you
in methods whereby what are referred to as ‘AhA!’
moments flower, but they don’t cease there as you proceed your
journey you flip
your ‘AhA!’ moments into ‘WoW’s!’ by making use of
the understanding in your life and see that it really works, as a result of
that’s experiential understanding!

As you discover this experiential
method you rapidly uncover that you just can’t come to
the understanding of your true nature through the exercise of your
thinking-reasoning thoughts, but you additionally notice that the
thinking-reasoning thoughts can affirm the understanding as soon as it has been
understood through expertise.

All the forces of Life are Living Answers –

Health, Peace, Love, Joy, Power, Beauty, Wisdom…

Out of Body and Near
Death Experiences

are Much More Common than Reported –

Part of the Problem is that these, Psychic Powers

and issues like Reincarnation
aren’t Correctly Understood!

The Insights of the Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

Clarify These Experiences.

The Spiritual Journey is The Way Home!

I’ll inform you the
introductory value in only a second however first let me share a short story
that’s symbolic of this method of experiential understanding – don’t
fear, it’s reasonably priced.

This story takes place
on a really chilly winter day and a house owner is experiencing a critical
drawback as a result of his heating system, which is a furnace in the basement
of his home, will not be functioning correctly. The house owner has tried
all the things he is aware of to get the furnace working correctly however he has
did not get it working in any respect; he’s very involved as a result of the
temperature is under freezing and it’s potential that water pipes might
break and trigger in depth injury to his house.

The house owner calls a
furnace repairman.

The house owner is
considerably shocked at the quantity of the invoice as a result of the repairman solely
took a couple of minutes to repair the furnace; but he’s fairly comfortable that the
furnace is now working and that he has averted extra extreme issues. He
says to the furnace repairmen, “Would you thoughts giving me an itemized
invoice?” The furnace repairman says, “No problem – I’ll be back shortly.”

The furnace repairman
goes out to his van and rapidly returns with the itemized invoice. The
house owner double-checks that the furnace is working nicely and pays the
furnace repairman who then leaves.

The house owner appears at
the itemized invoice that the furnace repairman gave him – it says:

This method of
Insight through experiential understanding is very similar to the story of the
house owner and the furnace repairman [who knows via experience]. The
materials I share with you is a way of experiential self-knowledge,
which is akin to ‘knowing which screw to adjust’ as in the
story above – on this case that ‘screw’ is Insight.

One last item earlier than I
share the value with you and that’s that though this materials can
profit everybody it isn’t for everybody, as a result of it’s a must to do you half
in serving to me share self-knowledge with you. This signifies that I can’t
inform you what the true nature of your being is [I can tell you but it
will not have any meaning unless and until you have had the experience]
and that signifies that it’s vital so that you can discover the workout routines and
the relaxation of the materials such that your understanding is experiential.
In this manner you make the
understanding your individual after which you’ll no
longer want my steerage. In this gentle I ask that you just solely get this
materials in case you are keen to discover it absolutely – I can guarantee you that
it isn’t what you suppose, as a result of its nature is past considering.

Please perceive that
the value might enhance as that is an introductory value that’s
obtainable so long as you might be seeing this web page. I
reserve the proper to take away this supply and/or regulate the value as
I can solely work  with a restricted quantity of individuals at a time. In
order to make this materials obtainable to the overwhelming majority of individuals, I
have made it reasonably priced with out compromising high quality AND

Stages of the Spiritual Journey is a whole work that
doesn’t want anything to prop it up. Yet my 40 years of steady
yoga follow makes me need to share with you a couple of different issues like
the appropriate translation of Ramana Maharshi’s ‘Who Am I?’ – only a few
individuals know what Ramana Maharsh meant by what he referred to as ‘Atma Vichara’ –
most individuals suppose it’s a query  that requires a psychological reply,
but  it’s aside from that – the appropriate translation is simply
one web page, but it makes an enormous distinction in your Spiritual Journey.
Nisarga Yoga and  Yoga Nidra are included – these are merchandise that
might be and have been bought independently. I’ll additionally embody a shock
bonus or two. 

ps – This method
supplies details about the nature of being, but its core is about
facilitating Insight through the info, workout routines and experiments. The
distinction between mental understanding and the experiential
understanding accessible through this method is the distinction
between seeing with the thoughts
[intellectual] and seeing by means of the
thoughts [experiential]. This is really life altering.

pps – Is your
understanding of the true nature of being an mental understanding
or is it experiential understanding? The overwhelming majority of human being
perceive the true nature of being through mental understanding,
which signifies that their understanding is conceptual and since the idea
of a factor will not be the factor itself, their lives are full of battle and
struggling. On the different hand sages have an experiential understanding of
the true nature of being and use mental understanding just for
practical functions; thus for sages there’s an ease
of being – which one are you?

This materials is for individuals who need
experiential understanding through Insight

How to Know

You can’t make
data out of the true nature of being, but it may be skilled.

In this gentle the manner
to Know Thyself is through experiential understanding, and that’s
a manner of realizing that’s totally different than realizing through the content material and
exercise of the thoughts – as a result of it’s the manner of Insight.

The method of Seven
Stages of the Spiritual Journey is to explain the state of affairs and
to return to the resolution of the query ‘How to Know Thyself’ 
through Insight that’s fostered by exploring the workout routines and

Can you give an
instance of experiential understanding?

Yes – Consider the
query, ‘What is Time?’

Time is a chic
idea that describes expertise. The expertise is true but the
description, the idea, will not be the factor itself.

Time [psychological
time] is an idea as the description and measure of movement that’s
skilled as fixed change. An analogy that helps with the
understanding of time is a ship touring at a continuing velocity in the
open ocean. The place the place the ship has been, the wake, is named the
previous, the place the place the ship is but to go is named the future, and
the ship’s present place is named now. In this manner what is named
the previous, current and future are descriptions of the ship’s place and

The expertise of
fixed, orderly, change permits us to outline models of time as seconds,
minutes, hours and days and many others. and we use this elegant idea to give you the option
to plan issues like the ship’s future place. Thus the idea of time
may be very helpful for practical functions, but it’s extremely important to
perceive that this idea is finally unfaithful, as a result of it’s a
idea and never the factor itself. The factor itself is movement as that’s
the expertise.

Thus the experiential
understanding is to see the practical usefulness of the idea of time
and but be very clear that that is by no means really skilled aside from as
the psychological description of expertise [note that you had to learn to tell
time as a child].

energy of experiential understanding is that it isn’t a perception or
some type of wishful considering. For instance it’s
self-evident that have as what’s described as ‘now’ is
by no means not the case [this applies to current experience as you are
reading this; it also applies when you have a psychic experience or a
memory as these things are experienced and described as happening ‘now’].

Oscar Wilde stated, “Experience
is the hardest type of instructor. It offers you the check first and the
lesson afterward.”  This is true as a result of it’s only after
the expertise that the thoughts describes the expertise and renders it as

Can you give
one other instance of experiential understanding?

Yes. Ask the query ‘Are
you conscious?’ and observe how it’s answered.

Notice that you just
perceive the query intellectually, which suggests your thoughts [head].
The reply comes if you drop out of your head and into your core
[heart] and expertise that certainly you might be conscious. Then your thoughts
conceptualizes the expertise of being conscious and solutions the query ‘Yes
I’m conscious’.

In this manner the
experiential reply comes from the knowledge of the coronary heart and it’s
rendered as data by the exercise of the thoughts [the head].

Can you give a
easy instance of the distinction between mental understanding
and experiential understanding?

Yes. Science
is mental. Art is experiential.

Science is experiential
when it’s utilized. Art is mental when it’s analyzed.

We are inevitably drawn to one thing that
no different side of our lives can supply

– a daily reminder that there’s
one thing greater and extra essential than who I believe I

“Spirituality is a courageous seek for the
reality about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature
of life.”

See Beauty. Touch Truth. Feel Love. Be Peace.


Click here to get Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest trade commonplace for on-line safety from trusted distributors.

Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If inside the first 60 days of receipt you aren’t glad with Wake Up Lean™, you possibly can request a refund by sending an e-mail to the tackle given inside the product and we are going to instantly refund your total buy value, with no questions requested.

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