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How To Combat Yeast Intolerance Properly

Most people are familiar with the term lactose intolerant however few are aware of a condition known as yeast intolerant. When a person is yeast intolerant it means that they over produce candida. What the heck is candida you say? Well that easy.

Candida Albicans Diet

Yeast overgrowth is also known as Candidiasis. The most common specie of Candida is Candida Albicans. Candidiasis symptoms can be seen to a person suffering from Candida Albicans infection. The Candida Albicans are normally found on the skin, in the vagina or vulva and lower bowel area.

Do People on Raw Foods Eat Only Salad?

I seem to get asked this question all the time when I tell people I only eat raw living foods. The raw food diet consists mainly of whole fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains in their natural state or heated below 118 degrees. These foods can be prepared in a number of ways, either using kitchen equipment such as a food processor, blender, spiral vegetable slicer, mandolin slicer, or even just a peeler or knife. A dehydrator may be used to ‘cook’ or heat the food but this is not necessary to prepare beautiful, tasteful, and healthy raw dishes.

Will the Vegetable Soup Diet Give Me Enough Energy?

The vegetable soup diet is known for its ability to help the dieter lose several pounds whilst also letting them eat a good, balanced diet. Many people believe that you only eat soup for a whole week, which helps you shed the pounds and leave you tired and lacking in energy – but this is far from true.

Candida Cleanse Diet – Foods to Eat on a Candida Diet and What to Avoid

Looking for a Candida cleanse diet to help get rid of your infection? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of foods to eat on a Candida diet, plus, the foods you should avoid in the diet, to help you beat your infection for good.

1 New Weight Loss Diet Tip

How could I possibly have a NEW weight loss diet tip for you? Haven’t we discussed them all at great length? We all know that for fat loss we have to create a caloric deficit, or for weight maintenance, a balance.

Can Fruit Make You Fat?

Can fruit really make you fat? This is a question I receive often so I am well prepared to answer.

6 Reasons Why People Become Vegetarian

While there is no one single form of vegetarianism, what all forms have in common is a lifestyle that abstains from the consumption of meat, fish, and poultry. One the more moderate end lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat both dairy and egg foods and products. On the other extreme there are the vegans who do not eat or use any animal byproduct…

The Way To A Healthier Living With The Jack Lalane Juicer

Ever since I was little I just loved the way that fresh squeezed juice tasted. It was way above what the preserved juices offered in taste and in nutrition. All I cared about back then was the taste but I guess sometimes the body by itself knows what is best for it.

Do You Really Know About The Ice Cream Weight Loss Plan?

Hmmm, ok think about this; the Ice Cream Diet is some kind of approach where you can eat that, something really good and usually fattening, yet be able to shed weight. Since all people, almost all, love to feast on this great food; this sounds just incredible, doesn’t it? Well, we couldn’t pass up the chance to review this Diet; and we wanted to discover if it’s all nonsense or is it real.

Metabolic Diet – Basic Concepts

The metabolic diet is based on the importance of managing your insulin level, too much insulin over an extended period of time leads to accumulation of body fat and too little leads to a muscle break-down. Neither is good for a healthy life style.

Building A Better Cup Of Coffee – Is It Really Good For You?

The problem, it would seem, has something to do with the very detail that gives coffee a great deal of flavor: the roasting. Although that may shortly change.

Ways to Make Diet for Candida More Effective

Aside from strictly following the diet for Candida, there are several ways to make it more effective. Drinking eight glasses of water would definitely help in making the diet effective. Only fresh foods should be eaten, no left-over food please. Also avoid eating processed food to reduce Candida infections.

Macrobiotic Diet – A Natural Treatment for Cancer and Illness

A macrobiotic diet has been linked to effectively treating, and even curing cancer. While empirical evidence is lacking, many cancer patients swear by the diet. If you are considering the macrobiotic philosophy to treat cancer, here are some guidelines to follow.

The Grapes Diet

The grapes diet is highly appreciated for the fact that it helps with the detoxification of your body. One of the diets which are most frequently recommended is the grapes diet. Grapes contain sugar, which is used in the cellular metabolism and pure glucose and fructose, which are absorbed in the blood immediately and then used with the metabolic functions.

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