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31 Day Fat Loss Cure Diet Review

A former US Army solider developed a fitness and weight loss program, developed by years of training and army life. The program combines unique training exercises…

The Secrets to Mediterranean Cooking

Mediterranean cooking has some secrets that result in being herbs. Aromatic herbs that not only add taste but, in many cases, also health to dishes. These herbs are used either dried or fresh and some of them grow wild.

The Vegan Diet – How to Stop Eating Dairy

It seems that stop eating dairy is one of the biggest challenges many people face when they start a vegan diet. Let’s face it, there are so many products out there that contain dairy and even in some products, the dairy is “hidden” from us by some by-products taken out from a dairy product.

Why Must Dukan Diet Recipes Be Bland And Flavor Free?

It is a common misconception that due to the restriction on certain foods, Dukan diet recipes must be lacking in flavor. In this article I look at three ways to add instant flavor to your food.

Cabbage Soup Diet – A Quick Way To Reduce Weight

Cabbage soup diet has been used by people all over the world, for centuries, as a quick and easy way of losing weight. It is preferred over other diets as it guarantees weight loss in just seven days! It is fair to say then, that without doubt cabbage diet is the fastest way to lose weight, but a question that arises here is whether this simple and easy process has any drawbacks or not?

Vegetable Soup Diet – 7 Days Recipe

Vegetable soup diet is one of the sought after diet foods. The soup has the advantages of being rich in nutrition as well as low in calories. As a result, the soup will help losing your weight…

The Raw Food Diet

A Raw Food diet advocates believe that raw food provides more energy for the body and lessens the risk of disease. However, further studies are needed to prove such. As some researchers believe that raw diet can also deprive important nutrients from the body, which could potentially lead to severe undernourishment.

Facts About Obesity

Being obese is absolutely one of the biggest problem a person may face. The presence of certain ingredients to make the fast food stuff more tasty is what makes it harmful to our body. A good example of this includes the flavor additive that can cause cancer, brain damage, vision problems, heart attacks and depression. Fast food comes with excess oil and fat above certain levels that may be responsible for certain diseases.

High Protein Diets – Critical Facts You Should Know

We all know how important protein is for the body. The amino acids in protein are the “building blocks” by which the cells of our nails, hair, muscles, among others…

The Mediterranean Diet

This article describes the meals you will taste around the Mediterranean Sea. It gives an overlook of the fruits, vegetables, meats and pasta you will get in these countries and which as considered to add to your health.

Atkins Diet Menu – Why and How It Works

Did you know that eating fats won’t make you fat if you allow your body to burn them? Cutting your carb intake, therefore allowing your body to naturally burn fat are the core premises of the Atkins Diet. Maintaining even levels of blood sugar provides the added benefit of no cravings or undue hunger!

Carol Alt Raw Food Diet

Carol alt raw food diet is created based on the experience Carol Alt herself as supermodel. As a model she had to have weight 125lbs on her 5ft 10in body. For years, she had struggled to find out the best way to maintain her ideal weight…

The Caveman’s Diet Solution

What is one thing cavemen knew better what we know now? How to survive in the wild? Yes. But more importantly, they knew how to survive in the healthiest way possible. There weren’t any diet program in those days and there are shelves full of books on diet. They instinctively knew cavemen was exactly what the best diet that works for them.

Low Carb Diet Plan of 1200 Calories

Nowadays losing weight has become the main priority for all men and women. It’s set in the minds of the people that the more lean you are it will further enhance your personality and the appearance. Every one aims to lose weight as early as possible…

Medifast – Recommended by Doctors

Medifast is a weight loss program, which helps the people to lose weight faster than the regular weight loss plans. Medifast is recommended by most of the doctors, as it possesses the plan which has low fat diet and is clinically proven by the best doctors. Medifast diet plan is designed by the doctors keeping in mind the medical term.

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