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DietBlarney: The New Bogus Diet That Can’t Go Wrong and Lets You Lose Pounds in MINUTES!

How would you like to have six-pack abs by the end of the day? You can with this diet! (If you go crazy with all the bogus stories about weight loss and fad diets, you’ll love this funny article. It is written with tongue firmly in cheek, which means it’s not a real product, OK?)

Wheat Free Cakes Recipes

This article talks about recipe for great wheat free cakes. This is perfect for people who are in a yeast free diet.

Zone Diet: Non-Restrictive, All Balanced

The Zone Diet was popularized by a biochemist named Barry Sears in the books he wrote. It’s basic principle is to consume calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat in a balanced ratio without depriving one’s self from any of the three named. The ratio is “40:30:30” of calories from carbohydrate, protein and fat, respectively.

You Can Lose 7-10 Pounds Of Pure Fat in 10 Days By Following These 3 Fat Burning Rules

Burning 7 pounds pure fat in a matter of 7 days is within reach of anyone with an open mind. This article will explain the 3 basic concepts that will get you on the way to burning fat rather than storing fat.

The Paleo Diet Lifestyle

Health is wealth. You are what you eat. These are sayings that you might have heard often enough to know what they mean. But how many people do you know who really take these concepts to heart? Indiscriminate eating can do more harm than good for the body and it is about time that you think about trying out the Paleo Diet.

Feeling Fat And Bloated? Is Stomach Bloating A Problem For You?

When your stomach is bloated you just don’t feel right. Let’s face it, bloating is uncomfortable, painful and definitely not a good look. Stomach bloating makes you feel fat even when the scales tell you otherwise. All in all, a bloated stomach is an unwelcome part of life for many people. But what can be done about it? Can you trade a bloated stomach for a smooth flat stomach? The answer in most cases is yes.

Some Diets Are Just Not “Berry” Good for You – A Look at a Popular Diet and Why It Won’t Work

You’ll have to pardon the battered status of my soapbox. Because I heft myself upon it so often, it – like me – is showing some wear and tear. Want to mix berries, cleansers, and powders like some sort of nutritional alchemist seeking to turn fat to firm? Go for it. However, the only way to lose weight – no matter what all the ads on your home page tell you – remains “calories in versus calories out.”

Vegetarian Diet Facts That Dieticians Won’t Tell You

Vegetarian are one of the healthiest eating routines you can find. It’s a common misconception that people go vegetarian because of the concern for animal rights.

Questions About Yeast Free Diets

This article talks about different information about Yeast Free Diets. Many people are becoming curious what this yeast free diet is all about so you will know more by reading this article.

Simply Raw, A Review

Simply Raw is a groundbreaking documentary which highlights new ways in which one can improve ones health. The film encompasses the actual journey of a number of persons who though diagnosed with diabetes are miraculously free from insulin dependency at the end of the film. They are much healthier and happier.

Diet Direct Plan – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are planning to lose weight, why would you consider or not consider the Diet Direct diet plan as a rather good plan to go through? What are its benefits? What are its disadvantages?

The Diet Solution Program – Why It Is The Healthiest Way To Lose Weight For Good

If you are one of those people who have gone through diet programs the way other people go through candy, then you know how difficult it is to find one that will help you keep weight off permanently. Most of these fad diets are usually based on food deprivation that requires you to starve yourself, resulting in yo-yo dieting in which starvation is followed by binging. In this context, it should not be so surprising that The Diet Solution Program has become so popular among dieters. This program goes against the prevailing wisdom and advocates a healthy eating program that allows you to eat a lot of delicious, nutritious food that will help you reach and maintain your ideal desired weight.

The Truth Behind Crash Diets

Is this series of yo-yo dieting that our society is so engrossed on truly terrible for us? Does it have extensive term problems, or is the burst of hasty weight loss a good thing?

Low Calorie Meal Plan Is Beneficial

Calorie diet is very good for your health. High calorie can lead to heart problem, stroke, obesity, and many other health problems. Ensure that you are in healthy condition by consuming low-calorie food. If you are interested to have a very low-calorie diet, you need to consult a physician. Usually, very low-calorie meal plan allows only 800 calories a day. The length of this diet cannot be more than 6 months. It is to prevent any complication that can show up if you keep on running low-calorie diet.

How Hollywood Popular Diets Work For The General Public

Popular diets has been admitted to be the reason why some celebrated actor lost weight, toned up or down, or simply maintained their picturesque body figure. These actors have undergone diets so they can align their physical image in their current projects in Hollywood or mainly to remain attractive to the general audiences. For the general public, fad diets being followed by the stars usually disappoint or simply fail because of over expectations and high standards being set by the celebrities.

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