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Weight Watchers Meetings: Not All Locations Are Created Equal

What to expect at your first Weight Watchers meeting- the good and the bad. How to pick the right Weight Watchers meeting location.

Obesity Pills and Stone Soup: How a Myth From Old Days Still Applies to Diets in Modern Times

In a study not too long ago by the National Institutes of Health, we discover that obese patients lose more weight if they make a lifestyle change in addition to taking a diet pill. Apparently, those who merely took medication and continued unchanged their “standard” routine lost only 11 pounds per year. Others, who swallowed the same medicine, but limited daily caloric intake to 1500, exercised, tracked their food, and attended a group; lost 27 pounds. I’m surprised this is news.

Curing What Doesn’t Ail: Fake Medical Claims About How to Lose Weight

Why is dieting replete with unsubstantiated claims, transparent falsehoods, and blatant aggrandizements that we would never accept elsewhere? No way we would believe – even in 300-point screaming fonts: “NEVER FILL YOUR GAS TANK: DRIVE FOREVER!” or “FLY ANYWHERE WITHOUT BOARDING A PLANE! So, why oh why, does the weight loss amphitheater attract so many charlatans? More important, why do we continue to pony up our money and dreams to invite them back?

Vegetarian Candida Diet – Ordering Unsweetened Soy Milk

A new friend of mine is a vegetarian who has not only started eating a bit of fish here and there, but she also has brown rice coming out of her ears! There is rice milk, all soya milks in her country that are sweetened, puffed brown rice for breakfast, rice cakes, and brown rice. She believes things will get easier once she is more organized.

Vegetarian Candida Diet – Going Against Your Principle

Here is another story of a vegetarian friend who has taken a drastic step in her anti candida diet however and gone onto chicken and a little fish temporarily since she believed there is practically nothing to eat. It isn’t really helping that much, though, and making her feel terrible about going against her principles. You are supposed to rotate every single item you eat and only have it every 4-7 days which is impossible since there are so few of them. She has brown rice almost every day.

Vegetarian Candida Diet – Managing Life Without Normal Foods

My friend who is a vegetarian found that the candida diet led to a big improvement in her other symptoms within about 60 days. So, it is really worth trying to stick with it if you can! She has found that filling up on plenty of green salads helps. She has a bowl of salad for breakfast and another for lunch (that she has made at the same time). If you want a dressing for it, I suggest either a sprinkle of lemon juice and walnut oil, or maybe blend lightly cooked garlic, cashew nuts (if you can eat them) and a little water together to make a creamy dressing.

The Only Diet That Works? Do Specialists Really Believe That Surgery Is the Only Diet That Works?

According to a report: “Specialists generally agree that surgery is the only proven method to keep weight off.” This exemplifies the misguided quick fix thinking that surrounds weight loss. Of course, it’s a given that extreme plans will fail. If all one does is draw a line in time and say, “Henceforth, I shall never again eat those foods,” or conversely, “Those are the only foods I will eat,” (the traditional patterns of many diets) the result is a fiasco as “the dieter” is not dealing with the actual cause of her problem: it is NOT what she eats, rather how she thinks. A rant…

Vegetarians and the Candida Diet – Eating More Simple Carbs

A woman requested me advices in what can be done for vegetarians in their candida diet. She has been recently diagnosed with candidiasis, although she has never had problems with thrush. Included in her symptoms are headaches, dizziness, feeling as if her brain was swollen, fatigue, muscular pain on especially shoulders, neck, and upper back, very intense cravings for sweet stuff and bread, mild depression and wicked mood swings, etc. The symptoms seem to come and go, so she is still not 100% sure that candida is her problem (the naturopath used something called a Vega machine to diagnose her).

Fad Diets: A Sure Way To Bring Back Your Figure

Who wants to get back to his fantastic body shape a few years back? No need to argue, I am sure that we all want to do that. And I am also positive that we all know that the only solution we can have here is discipline along with the proper exercise and the right diet.

How Does the Mediterranean Diet Promise So Much and Get Away With It?

You keep hearing all these great things about the Mediterranean diet – it’s supposed to help with everything for an obesity problem to Alzheimer’s. It’s enough to make you want to dismiss the whole thing as over-grandiose hype. Except that there something about it all that rings true.

The Dieter’s Dictionary: How to Speak Eloquently to Anyone Who’s Trying to Lose Weight

Every group has its own language, including dieters. In the interest of better communication with the thin, I have compiled several terms and expressions used by those of us working to achieve such status so that we may all speak the same language. Delivered with tongue firmly in cheek.

How Can One Benefit From A 3 Day Diet Plan?

This diet only runs for a period of three days. Surely, you can repeat the whole procedure if you have gone off for a period of four or five days. The specific food measurements that are suggested in the diet plan should be strictly followed to ensure successful weight loss.

Liquid Diets – Are They Really That Powerful?

Liquid diets are achievable once you follow the plan. As for costs, its pretty much the same as the cost of normal foods.

The Liquid Diet Method

You must have come across the liquid diet that is followed by a large number of people all over the world. Although, meant for patients to follow prior to and post a medical surgery, it is considered as one of the fad diet plans and is widely used for weight loss. Doctors prescribe this diet for patients before and after surgery to clean the body and intestines of food.

Atkins Phase 1, Induction: Rules, Food and Side Effects

When first beginning the Atkins Diet, you’ll be confronted by the dreaded “Atkins Induction,” an extremely restrictive two week period in which almost all carbs are prohibited. On the positive side, you can eat as much non-carb food as you’d like, so you won’t be hungry, and you’ll probably lose a lot of weight — as much as 15 pounds. During Induction, you must not cheat on any of the rules even in the slightest, or you will have completely wasted your time and effort.

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