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What Is The Nutritional Content Of The New Nutrisystem Shakes?

I’ve started getting a lot of emails about the new Nutrisystem protein shakes. People seem a little concerned about the caloric, carbohydrate, and protein content. In short, people just want to make sure that by consuming the shakes, they aren’t taking in too many calories or carbs and sabotaging all of their hard work and compliance for the rest of the day. So, in the following article, I’ll take a look at the nutritional content of this new product.

What’s Required In Order To Qualify For The Free Meals On Medifast?

I’m pretty direct about my belief that the free meals offered by Medifast is often the best deal. I realize that the company usually also offers money off of your order but I find that the free food makes the most sense most of the time. Sure the monetary discount is nice, but the free food is often worth more than the monies off. People often ask me how much you need to spend or how many meals you need to order in order to qualify for the free food.

Paleo Diet Is the Athlete’s Diet

The Paleo diet which consists of foods that our Stone Age ancestors ate is today gaining more and more adherence as the perfect diet for athletes because of the health benefits it provides in terms of boosting one’s energy, gaining muscle strength and keeping body weight down. What’s more, the person on a Paleo diet can maintain his normal weight without controlling his food intake. You can eat as often and as much as you want.

Paleo Diet: Secret of the Caveman’s Health

People in the Stone Age or Paleolithic era are generally depicted as being healthier and more nimble than today’s humans, and rarely suffered from the diseases that afflict most of us. The secret to the cavemen’s athletic physique: their bare-bones diet called the Paleo diet.

How To Tell If A Natural Diet Pill Is Safe

There are many natural diet pills and supplements on the market today that claim to help you lose weight fast. Because these pills are not regulated by the FDA, it is difficult to know which diet pills are safe and which are harmful. Fortunately, there are some things that you can look out for in order to make an informed decision.

What Is This Raspberry Ketone Craze?

What’s all this you’ve been hearing about raspberry ketones, you wonder? It was a supplement touted by Dr. Oz on The Dr. Oz show not too long ago. Dr. Oz, if you haven’t heard of him, is somewhat of a guru in the natural supplement world, and what he says goes. Sort of like Oprah. When he mentions a product the internet is on fire with searches. Natural supplement vendors and pharmacists need to become experts on the product over night to speak with consumers the following day.

What Will I Feel Like On Nutrisystem?

I often hear from people who want to know what to expect when starting Nutrisystem. One very common concern is how the person asking the question can expect to feel on the diet. People often wonder if they are going to feel hungry, grouchy, weird, weak, jittery or just odd. Although I can’t predict the future or anticipate how you personally might feel or respond, I can tell you from my own experience (and from that of others I know on this diet) what are some common feelings or experiences.

Paleo Diet: Is It Effective and How Does It Work?

What is Paleo diet? Can it make you thin, and healthy? These are the usual questions that you hear out of this term. To help you shed light onto this question- here are some facts, and overview for it.

The Great Benefits of Juice Diets

Juicing fruit and vegetables is an advantageous way to give your body a bump-start of great nutrition. I set-out quite a few benefits in my previous article but wanted to build on these ideas. Juicing is becoming increasingly popular and we have started to understand how beneficial it can be.

Are You Made To Have Soups On The Medifast Diet? Is It Required?

I sometimes hear from folks who are interested in the Medifast diet but who aren’t big fans of soup. I’ve had people ask me if the soups are a requirement or if there is any way to avoid them. Many can’t help but notice that the soups are often included with the variety packages. Nothing says that you are mandated to have the soups. It might help to know that within the soup category, there is also the option of chili, stew, and a sloppy joe. But if those do not appeal to you, you can just omit this category from what you order.

Your Raw Toddler: Keeping Little Ones Healthy

Diabetes is now one of our leading childhood chronic illnesses, and it is completely preventable with a healthy diet! Keeping your little ones healthy is easy when you feed your toddlers a raw food diet!

Paleo Diet Eating Plan: Is It Favourable to Your Health?

Having a difficult time planning your paleo diet meal? Wanted to stay fit by following this revolutionary diet regimen?

Transition to Raw Food – The Best Raw Food Recipes For Beginners

The raw food diet has become incredibly popular over the past few years as more individuals experience the great benefits that raw foods have to offer. As technology has advanced, more nutritional benefits of raw food have been discovered including helping individuals gain more energy, aid in healing digestive problems and diseases, clear skin of acne and rashes, and many other whole body benefits.

Diets That Are Too Restrictive Are Much More Likely To Fail

Diets that are too restrictive are much more likely to fail. Rather than never allowing yourself anything that you really enjoy, I believe in sticking with healthy eating habits and allowing for the occasional indulgence. However, there are some food villains that should be avoided at all costs. Here are my list of the top 5 foods that should make you “just say no”…

Healthy Foods in Paleo Diet

As disease and obesity begin to get out of hand in today’s world, the search intensifies for the perfect diet that would bring down the incidence of these major health problems. The search may have ended in the Paleo diet which consists of foods that our prehistoric ancestors consumed before the advent of agriculture and modernization of food preparations. The growing consensus is that the Paleo diet is the ultimate in high-nutrition foods.

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